Distributed IN over IP to reduce operator costs

Evolved Intelligence, the next generation IN company, has launched a new concept in Intelligent Network architecture that reduces operator costs for the delivery of next generation, carrier grade IN services.

Evolved Intelligence’s ENGINE platform achieves this through an innovative distributed architecture. This means that applications can be distributed throughout a group of operators sharing costs and management overhead. A low cost SS7 component is fitted to the network allowing remote access to an ENGINE server via IP.

Said Evolved Intelligence’s CTO, Nick Jones: “A single ENGINE platform can run multiple applications of a variety of types and allow these to be shared by several operators. This substantially reduces operators’ costs for providing applications such as roaming steering, messaging fraud management, VPN and advanced pre-pay.”

ENGINE services can also be provided as a remote managed service. This gives low cost access to a library of application services.

Evolved Intelligence has developed services include roaming applications, messaging applications and advanced pre-pay applications. The company is also able to offer various third party applications hosted on the ENGINE platform including vPBX and VPN. New application development is also available for bespoke applications.

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