Diva Celebrates 10 Years

Diva Telecom is celebrating 10 years in business with a promise to help organisations from start-ups to major plcs raise their game and compete in the global marketplace in the wake of Brexit.

Managing director Erica Lewis set up the business in July 2006, the same year that BT opened up its exchanges to rivals to give the UK a more competitive broadband market.

Its commercial prowess was recognised when infrastructure provider CityFibre chose Diva as one of its launch partners for services running on its pure fibre network, which will transform Leeds into one of the UK’s first Gigabit Cities and deliver even more resilient and ultrafast connection speeds.

“I’ve been in the telecoms industry for 30 years and witnessed many major changes over the years from the demise of Telex, the rise and fall of fax machines, and the rise and rise of mobile communications,” said Erica, who now heads a team of 11 managing clients ranging from Coca-Cola, Maersk, Toshiba, and Panasonic to small businesses and primary schools across the city region.

“CityFibre’s selection of Diva as a launch partner demonstrates their confidence in our ability to deliver for the city’s businesses and we’re tremendously proud to be working with them.”

Diva Telecom handles more than 12 million calls monthly for its clients, with inbound international numbers its biggest selling service; demonstrating the region’s appetite for global trade.

“We listen to customer feedback and strive to provide them with the products and services they need and want to drive performance and growth. We are seeing increased demand now from organisations of all sizes and across all industry sectors for digital services that offer better scalability, resilience and most importantly, better cost efficiencies.

“Much of our success and growth has been down to our boutique portfolio of products including our in-house designed SMS and audio conferencing services. Customer service, our knowledgeable team, a consultative approach and competitive pricing have all played a part in helping the business achieve year on year growth of 20-25 per cent,” she added.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine