DMSL Back BT and Virgin ‘Set the Record Straight’ Campaign

DMSL is supporting the campaign being launched this week by BT and Virgin Media aimed at setting the record straight on the investment both companies have made in the UK’s digital infrastructure.

The two companies are running adverts in national newspapers pointing out that £15 billion has been invested in broadband technology over the last five years, during which time UK broadband speeds have more than quadrupled. It also notes that download speeds are faster in the UK than in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

DMSL is a partner for both BT and Virgin Media Business and has been promoting their fibre-based services through its nationwide network of reseller partners. It will be supporting the campaign by reiterating the key messages to both its partners and to end-users.

“We wholeheartedly welcome this campaign and applaud BT and Virgin Media for taking the initiative to ensure people understand exactly how much they are investing to give the UK a world-class broadband infrastructure”, says John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL.

“It is all too easy to criticise companies for not doing enough, but the fact is that both BT and Virgin Media Business have invested millions into building fibre-based networks. They are providing access to fast, reliable Internet connectivity where it matters, constructing a communications network that will enable UK businesses to embrace new technologies and drive their efficiency and competitiveness.

“They are also creating more potential and paving the way for new services. Faster broadband makes it easier for businesses to adopt hosted VoIP and cloud-based services that increase efficiency and lower costs. That benefits SMBs as well as large enterprises and for us and our partners, it means continued and sustained opportunities to grow.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine