DMSL Back BT Broadband

DMSL, the distributor of BT broadband solutions and services, has welcomed BT’s latest series of promotions and initiatives aimed at driving more business users to its broadband services and says that it’s the perfect time for resellers to jump onto the BT broadband bandwagon.

Customers who place their order for BT’s 2Mbps Business Broadband service before 16th December will receive the service at a reduced price of £19.99 per month until March next year. Separately, BT is offering free support and business email, with anti-virus and anti-spam protection all thrown into the bargain for customers who sing up before the end of next month.

BT is backing the offers with a sustained national press advertising campaign, running under the slogan ‘Best ever Business Broadband’ and there two separate initiatives running – one aimed at re-signing existing broadband users and the other offering 10Mbps connections at 2Mbps pricing, that will help resellers boost their sales and profits.

“There has never been a better time to sell BT broadband”, says managing director of DMSL, John Carter. “The £19.99 offer the 2-meg service is just stunning – if we can’t sell that we probably can’t sell anything. If there is a time to get on board the broadband bandwagon that time is NOW! Resellers can earn good commission and with added-value services that are included in the offer, they should have little trouble getting customers signed up.”

In addition to the Best ever Business Broadband campaign, BT is offering resellers the opportunity to earn extra commissions by re-signing business broadband customers who have already been using the service for two years. To entice them to stay with BT, resellers can offer customers a 10% discount on their monthly subscription. If they have customers or prospects who use other ISPs, resellers can also earn money by migrating users to BT.

BT also has a special offer on BTnet at the moment, which gives customers in the inner London area, a 10Mbps connection for the price of 2Mbps. This offer is in place until the end of the year and is designed to encourage more customers to ‘think big bandwidths’ and upgrade from 2Mb to 10Mb. There is growing demand for high bandwidth – the total amount deployed on BTnet has grown by 55% in the last year.

Whilst all the offers are subject to line testing and to specific BT terms and conditions, they represent excellent opportunities for resellers. “What BT is doing at the moment is just sensational. There are so many opportunities to make money and resellers simply can’t afford to ignore them. In a market in where it is almost impossible to make any money selling conventional hardware and software, resellers need to focus on delivering services getting themselves into the broadband market and developing some really sustainable business is a great way to start.”

The hosted and secure email and free support is giving SME customers in particular, everything they need, says Carter. “Best ever Business Broadband gives the customers services that they both need and will value and shows then in a very tangible way just how much more they can do with broadband. The fact that it is such sensational value makes it very easy to sell and, by exposing customers to the extra services and benefits of broadband, paves the way for new ideas and new opportunities to be introduced to the customer in the future.”

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