DMSL Calls On Resellers to Take Wi-Fi Message Back to Market

DMSL, the leading distributor of BT broadband and related services in the UK, is calling on resellers to take the message about the benefits of Wi-Fi out to the market again.

The company says that dealers can use the news that BT is half-way to reaching its target of having one million hot-spots installed in the UK as a launch-pad for sales of Wi-Fi minutes and BT Options broadband contracts that come with wireless minutes included.

John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL says: “A lot of the focus in recent months has been on mobile data and smartphones but Wi-Fi has not gone away – in fact it is getting faster, more convenient and more affordable. Wireless is just about everywhere now and with more hotspots being installed every day, it’s getting much easier to connect wherever you are. We think it’s the right time to take the message out the market again.”

DMSL can help resellers gear up to sell Wi-Fi monthly contracts and PAYG options to their customers. It can also help them to explain how, with BT Option 2 and Option 3 broadband contracts, customers can benefit from free Wi-Fi minutes as part of the deal.

Carter says: “A lot of resellers are unsure about how to present and sell Wi-Fi but we can help them to do that. Everyone wants to be more flexible and mobile these days and wireless gives them the power to stay connected and work productively almost anywhere at any time. It is very easy to take it as a give, but if you actually go out and sell it, Wi-Fi can help you real add value for customers and boost your profitability.”

BT recently revealed that it has installed half a million Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK and Ireland, half of its target number. These hotspots include those provided by BT’s FON Wi-Fi community, Openzone, 12 wireless city centres and the BT business hub. A further 50,000 hotspots are available overseas through BT’s international roaming partners.

BT’s chief executive officer Gavin Patterson said that the company would continue to expand its network.

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