DMSL to Offer ‘One-Bill’ Comms Solutions for SMB Customers

DMSL, the distributor of broadband, data and voice communications services, is expanding the options for communications dealers by providing then with access to a broader range of fixed line, broadband and mobile options through an agreement with Fidelity Group.

The agreement will provide resellers with access to the full range of solutions offered by Fidelity – which includes services from O2, BT, Opal (Talk Talk Business) and other leading brands – as well as the company’s renowned Anvil billing platform, which provides business users with a simple ‘one-bill’ solution. It presents resellers with the opportunity to offer customers complete solutions that meet all their communications needs and generate excellent commissions and recurring revenues.

John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, says: “The market and the needs of business users are changing. All businesses are looking to reduce their telecoms costs whilst retaining maximum flexibility and inevitably, that is going to lead to much more fixed and mobile convergence. We are seeing mobile operators moving into calls and lines and telecoms service providers move into mobile. But for many users, the best and most cost-effective way to meet their needs will be to use a mix of services. Our agreement with Fidelity will enable resellers to offer their business customers a wide range of best-of-breed solutions from leading suppliers, but with a single bill. That’s a really attractive option for smaller businesses that want to save money but also want to keep things as simple as possible.”

DMSL, Fidelity and resellers will work together to meet all the needs of customers, says Carter. “It will be a three-way partnership. Fidelity will provide the services and manage the billing, while resellers will retain full management and control of the customer relationship. DMSL will work with both Fidelity and DMSL’s resellers to generate leads, provide information and support. . The gradual convergence of the fixed and mobile worlds will bring many new and exciting opportunities to the channel. By working together, DMSL and Fidelity will help resellers to get first-mover advantage in this part of the market.”

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