DMSL Unleashes New Lead Generation Campaign for Hosted Voice Partners

DMSL, the distributor of broadband, data and voice communications services, is rolling out a nationwide campaign designed to generate high quality leads for its hosted voice services partners by offering a free telecoms audit to small and mid-sized businesses.

A pilot programme of the campaign has been well-received says the distributor with a significant percentage of businesses responding positively to the offer of have a free, no-obligation telecoms audit conducted by a specialist from one of its accredited partners. The audit consists of a complete assessment of the organisation’s voice telecoms requirements and projected cost savings that could be made by switching to alternative call plans or hosted voice services. So far, the audits have typically identified potential savings of between 20 and 60 percent.

John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, says that many businesses are unaware of how much money they are wasting on telecoms charges. “A lot of businesses today have lines that they do not use and most of them could be on a call plan that will save them anything of between a quarter and a third off their current call costs – all they need to do is switch to that service. In more extreme cases, we’ve been able to show organisations how they can even greater savings and become more flexible and responsive to their customers by implementing hosted VoIP. We are very excited about this campaign. It has already generated some very good opportunities in the pilot phase and when we roll it out to other regions we expect it to generate a significant number of good leads.”

With the government’s budget cuts due to be announced in a few days time, this is the right time to be offering customers money-saving opportunities, Carter says. “Everyone is looking at ways in which they can trim their costs and make sure that they are insulated from the possibility of a double dip. More businesses are also becoming aware of hosted VoIP and other online services. The market is starting to understand that, not only are these services available, but also that they actually do work and can bring tremendous advantages.”

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