Doughty launches Rocket Science

John Doughty, former commercial director at Avenir Telecom, has launched new business, Rocket Science, with colleagues Alasdair Jeffery and John Townsend.

Rocket Science is a company that helps improve and increase the performance of businesses looking to tighten up and dramatically change for the better sales processes and subsequently, revenues and profits.

The new business is focused on not simply sales training, but creating a cultural shift within organisations to completely support changed sales processes. Jeffery said without cultural change across the entire organisation, sales training is worthless: “Once people have been in the training room, if they go back to the office and nothing’s changed, nothing changes. Sales training needs to be cultural change.”

He added: “If I have 20 sales people who aren’t performing, I’ve probably got 18 who think that they’re doing a good job because I’ve rewarded them for their bad work. It’s the same with the sales manager. Same with the marketing department. The commission’s structure rewards bad work. The HR department uses blanket policies and uses recruitment company contracts that mean the wrong people are hired. Then the IT systems become a further obstacle to a retrained sales person doing their job.”

Jeffery stated: “This is sales improvement. We make someone want to sell. This isn’t sales training; we sell improvement. We make people want to improve, and improve is defined as wherever the problem lies. We understand the human factors involved, which many people completely ignore.”

The business uses the experience and skills of all three directors to fulfil the needs of any business in the comms and IT space. All three have revamped, turned over and tidied up sales performance in numerous businesses in the telecoms and IT sectors.

Townsend has extensive management and directorship experience in the IT sector, and before that, Thus and Carphone Warehouse. Jeffery is known for the BBC’s ‘The Ferocious Mr Fix-It’ fame, and has worked with Fones 4 U, John Caudwell, Peter Green, Carphone Warehouse and a plethora of other businesses using his training skills to bring about overall increased company performance. While Doughty has held key management positions and invoked sales change at Fones 4 U, Computer 2000, and Avenir.

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