Downtime Costing Businesses up to $20,000 per hour!

With cloud playing a leading role in business operations, companies are trying to protect their cloud based storage without compromising on their security. According to research from a recent IDC report ‘80 percent of companies estimated downtime would cost them $20,000 per hour’.

IDC’s report also showed findings that suggested some organisations aren’t backing up to the cloud because of major security concerns. Cloud backup, enables you to store your data and files on the Internet in the “cloud”. This means that if something goes wrong with your equipment, your computer, device or external hard drive your data won’t be affected and will still be accessible.

More and more companies are adopting the cloud and several are considering the move to cloud based storage, the recent IDC survey found that ‘nearly two thirds of SMB’s are using cloud based storage for remote location disaster recovery’ but it also established that 59% of Western European and 45% of Pacific Asian organisations were stating security as their main reason for not adopting the cloud. These findings leave companies such as Attix5, expert developer of data protection software to demonstrate their expertise within the market.

Luv Duggal, General Manager of Sales for Attix5 UK, commented, “Attix5 data protection software was the first commercially available software tool that backs up data to the cloud using secure true multi-tenant deduplication technology. Security runs in our veins – it forms the foundation of all our products and solutions. The data gets encrypted using FIPS-compliant AES encryption on the client-side before it gets passed over the network. Without the encryption key (only known to the user) the data is unusable to anyone, including hackers.”Attix5’s DynamicRestore provides end-users with immediate recoverability in the event of a loss of critical servers and data. The innovative patent-pending business continuity and recovery technology, gives service providers the ability to offer a managed, multi-tenant, Cloud-based recovery solution to their end-users. DynamicRestore enables businesses to get their operations back up and running within minutes rather than days, reducing recovery time and saving businesses from economic failure.

Eric Burgener, research director of Storage at IDC commented, “Data sizes and types continue to evolve, as does the number of servers and operating systems each company uses. This leads to a host of new challenges IT managers face to make sure they can back up and protect their data and restore operations quickly.”

Cloud solutions not only enable cost efficiency, enhanced access and the ability to scale, but they are deployed in secure locations and offer enhanced security capabilities to continuously mitigate risks. Security isn’t a key competency for many organisations, but it’s the central foundation for cloud service providers which support large enterprise clients.

“Companies who want to grow their business, have the highest data availability and protection levels without unnecessary IT costs, need to get their heads in the cloud” Commented Luv Duggal.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine