DQ4Mobile launches new directory service for mobile

DQ4Mobile has launched a new SMS directory enquiry service, which is a quarter of the price and four times as fast as current 118 services, the business claimed.

Using DQ4Mobile, users can text ‘83211’ to search and retrieve telephone numbers from a national directory of over 1.5 million businesses.

At 25 pence per text, 83211 provides an instant response to the text message but at 75% less in cost than the cheapest 118 operator. Recent reports suggest that 30% of users are using directory enquiry services far less than they used to, because 118 operators are expensive; DQ4Mobile stated that its new service provides a welcome and affordable alternative.

Users simply text: What (ie taxi/plumber/Indian/electrician) dot Where (i.e. Oxford) to 83211 to find details of three services operating in that area.

Kishore Kumar Sankla, creator of DQ4Mobile explained: “The costs of calling directory enquiry services from a mobile are much higher than from a landline phone. The advantage of texting 83211 means you don’t have to phone an expensive 118 operator to retrieve a number only to discover you have an expensive call transfer charge or have to wait ages for the text back service to respond. DQ4mobile is simple and straightforward to use, you could be anywhere in the UK and whatever service you need 83211 will provide you with the quickest answer to your request.”

Sankla added: “With 60 million mobile users and 50 billion text messages being sent every year, it’s clear that a more affordable directory enquiry service is needed to accommodate everyday users and give them instant access to the number they need at a reasonable price.”

Continuing, Sankla said: “Even the so-called free directory enquiry services now available are not in fact free for mobile users as mobile operators will still charge a premium for 0800 numbers. They also often carry lengthy delays to get through to the operator and you often receive a text message which is tagged with an advertisement, when in reality all you need is a quick and cheap response to your request. Also, for the very few 118 services that do offer a text message service, responses can be incredibly slow as they have to be retrieved by an operator first before the number can be texted back. DQ4mobile solves this problem because the technology is automated,“ concluded Sankla.

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