Draytek takes centre stage at Nimans

Network installers have been learning how to capture more sales as a new AV switch solution from Draytek took centre stage during a special open day at Nimans’ Manchester HQ Trade Counter.

The VigorSwitch V1281 enables the seamless distribution of video from multiple devices across multiple screens – and it generated lots of interest.

The 28 port AV switch is designed for distributing IP video from various sources such as computers, cameras and satellite set-top boxes over Ethernet in offices, pubs, hotels, shops, restaurants and even domestic applications, in a simple and scalable way.

Judith Addison, Nimans’ Business Manager (Networking) says the VigorSwitch V1281 boasts a host of impressive features such as intuitive and fast set-up, remote access, preset selection and open platform support.

She emphasised: “The open day was a great success and demonstrated how DrayTek’s latest technology provides a major advantage for AV and comms installers. A HDMI cable has a maximum run of around 15-20 metres before the signal degrades. But Cat5e/6 Ethernet cable can run well over 100 metres. In addition it’s lower cost, easy to terminate, has a smaller diameter and may already be installed on-site.”

There’s also the option to transform a HDMI input signal to IP via DrayTek’s HVE290 converter, Judith added.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine