Dubber Calls On Mobile Operators To Do More

Dubber has conducted a UK SME Market Survey looking at the role of telephony for business. It reveals the need for mobile operators to offer more value added services to SME businesses, beyond minutes, text and data.

The survey also demonstrated the rise in demand for UC platform systems to streamline workforce communications and make them more manageable. For the first time these services are available to SMEs where before it has only been accessible to large corporations with big budgets.

UK SME survey results: Topline Statistics:

The telephone as a tool for business remains at large – 71.4 % of SME confirm they use the telephone for “all” or “some” of their day.
Business becoming more personal – mobile is our chosen handset for doing business – survey reveals the dominant phone system used in the office is a personal mobile. 38.3% of workers use their personal mobile, only 10% use a fixed work phone.
Workers are “always on” but desire additional services – 71% of SME work force use instant messaging in addition to phone system however, 42.5% have stipulated call recording as a service they would choose to have on their phone if available.
Telephony providers are failing to upsell and share the full range of telecoms services available to customers – 35% of respondents claim they have not been offered additional services by telephony provider.
Customers desire a streamlined services approach and UC platform –the level of digital distraction is growing as workers are encouraged to communicate over multiple digital channels. 64.2% claimed they would like to have all of their business communication (mobile, internal messaging, conference call facilities) provided to them on one platform.

James Slaney, co-founder of Dubber comments, “The survey shows that combined with the pressure to reverse declining revenues, customer demand means it is now time for telcos to better anticipate the needs of the ‘always on’ mobile user, by offering them streamlined, mobile solutions. The mobile work force has grown and the key to understanding mobility is embracing the concept of ‘always connected, anywhere, anytime’ access to key services and information.”

On the demand for call recording, from 42.5% of those surveyed, Slaney adds, “For a workforce that logs onto phones, computers and tablets interchangeably, the ability to create a constant thread via cloud-based solutions –, where they are able to quickly access their latest conversation and identify any actions from it –, provides a simple and flexible solution for people on the move.”

“There is a clear demand for a greater variety of value add services in order to drive greater efficiencies in SMEs businesses’ every day productivity. By utilising Communications Platforms as a Services (CPaaS), these solutions are increasingly accessible to SMEs, and with mobile increasingly the communications medium of choice, operators are uniquely positioned to provide the supply that meets demand.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine