Dynamic Bills a Hit says Ryder

Ryder Systems’ ‘Dynamic Report’, the secure telecoms eBill with interactive usage analysis charts, has received a virtually perfect score following end-user trials. The three month trial found that 100% of participants rated the Dynamic report as “insightful or very insightful” and 84% said they would prefer to receive it instead of their normal phone bill.

For the trial, a ‘Dynamic Report’ was emailed directly to the users, who were a mix of consumer and business customers. Neither training nor instruction was given to the trialists, who were then surveyed at the end of the third month on ease of use, functionality and technical platform.

An astounding 100% of respondents described ‘Dynamic Reports’ as being ‘better’ than a normal phone bill, 80% of those describing it as ‘far superior’. The results supported Ryder Systems’ objective to provide a low-cost, high-volume solution for operators that would add value to a traditional electronic bill and cover the requirements of multi-play service billing. This has been achieved by presenting comprehensive billing data into simple yet powerful interactive reports. Completing the successful trial, all 100% called the ‘Dynamic Reports’ ‘easy to use and understand’.

Ryder Systems’ ‘Dynamic Report’ is an eBill delivered by secure email or via the web, which can consolidate converged services from a service provider into a single source. This means operators only require one bill production process and customers have the convenience of a single bill for fixed-line, mobile, cable and broadband, if received from the same supplier. Advertising banners, with hyperlinks to the telco website, can be incorporated into the Dynamic Report leveraging its potential as a marketing channel and drive traffic to the site.

Andy Wilson, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Ryder Systems, said: “We are delighted with these results as they confirm the reasons for which Ryder created ‘Dynamic Reports’. This next generation eBilling solution allows telcos to add great value to their service by offering the customer a single, clear and comprehensive bill for all products received by a single supplier. This removes the frustration for the customer of receiving numerous bills for the different services they obtain, thus strengthening the relationship with their service provider.”

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