East saves £40,000 with Vodat International network

Women’s lifestyle clothing and accessories retailer, East, is implementing a fully managed multi protocol label switching (MPLS) network provided by Vodat International, communications solution provider to the retail industry, which will save the retailer over £40,000 a year.

The retailer is estimated to save £30,000 over current network costs by installing Vodat’s network and an additional £11,000 in print and postage costs as documents can be sent directly to the stores via the network.

The network will see the retailer, with 53 stores and 31 concessions, including 22 John Lewis concessions located in the UK, Ireland and Channel islands, increase security and improve communications between stores and its head office. East will be able to send stock and transaction data all documentation, including confidential HR staff documents, business documents visual merchandising material across a secure network removing the need to send through the post which is also a key part of the Green Initiative East has introduced.

Angus Stewart, head of IT at East, said: “Our previous method of communication was too slow and costly, and our network unreliable. If data didn’t refresh over night, we ran the risk of stores being low on stock. We are constantly looking at new ways to securely improve business processes and our customer service. Vodat is also installing and managing a complete PCI compliant wireless access to the network to facilitate our use of iPads within the store which further reduce our dependence on printed materials. Most of our stores have very small back office area so space is a premium by equipping each store with an iPad managers can work from anywhere in the store having full access to PC based applications and still retain their focus on attending to customers.”

Stewart continued: “By switching to the MPLS network we will be able to send data back to head office in real time as well as stock updates. The business will run more efficiently as a result which will improve the overall customer experience. When looking for a network provider we quickly became aware of Vodat and the company’s knowledge and dedication to the retail industry shone through. We look forward to the benefits the new network will bring.”

Mike Bielinski, CEO at Vodat International, added: “When we were approached by East it was clear they needed a more efficient network in place to improve the day to day running of the business. The network will reduce their costs significantly and will be a more efficient way for the company to run. It will allow room for additional retail solutions to be added on in the future with no disruption to the business.”

The pilot started in September with a roll out to all stores complete by the end of October.

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