Easy Migration to VoIP say Funkwerk

German vendor Funkwerk says it is making it easy for small companies to transition to VoIP telephony with their elmeg T484 by providing support for up to four digital voice channels alongside conventional telephones.

The latest software release and Module 4 DSP allows operation of four VoIP telephones or IP soft-clients using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). All telephones connected to the elmeg T484 – including traditional analogue or even ISDN terminal devices – can take advantage of cost-effective Internet telephony via SIP providers.

The integrated Least-Cost-Routing (LCR) function automatically selects the most economical connection for the call while the elmeg T484 supports Calling-Name-Identification-Presentation (CNIP) to display the caller’s name from the system’s directory. High-compression voice codecs G.711, G.723, G.726 and G.729 ensure optimal voice quality even when bandwidth conditions are poor.

The Module 4 DSP from Funkwerk allows up to ten SIP accounts to be configured in compliance with the RFC-3261 standard. Integrated bandwidth management and quality-of-service functions guarantee high voice quality and users retain all of the familiar telephone-system functions such as call waiting, call back, broker’s call, three-way conferencing and call forwarding.

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