Easynet brings a shine to Autoglass® with upgraded £multi-million MPLS network

When a business is fixing 9,600 windscreens each day and sharing information on every repair within its corporate network, a failsafe IT strategy is crucial. In light of this, international organisation Belron has signed a 3 year, £7million contract with Easynet Global Services for a new MPLS network across the UK, France and Ireland to help it improve business application performance, support unified communications and enable a new cloud strategy.

Belron®, home to such household names as Autoglass® and Carglass®, is the world’s largest dedicated vehicle glass repair and replacement company and has a strong ‘customer first’ ethos. Partnering with Easynet since 2007, Belron® is the latest in a series of Easynet’s existing global customers to upgrade its infrastructure and take advantage of its network, hosting and cloud integration capabilities.

With a job completed every three seconds, the business is reliant on efficient collaboration, so maximum service availability and perceptive monitoring systems are key, explains Mike Parkington, IT Vendor and Procurement Manager from Belron®. “For us, the network is the driving force for our business. Each day we send out thousands of mobile technicians. The technicians need to know where to go, to whom they’re speaking, what glass to use, how to bill customers and to record each job once complete. They are supported by hundreds of back office staff with totally different communication needs”. He continues, “Secure and monitored applications, systems and processes, and the ability to take advantage of cloud computing are at the core of our business, and Easynet has proved the perfect business partner.”

Justin Fielder, Easynet’s CTO, agrees. “As a customer-focused global organisation shipping vast amounts of data every second, an efficient, monitored network is the mainstay of the Belron® business. Importantly, it also means we can provide an even better customer experience by making transformational IT a reality, from VoIP to the cloud and beyond.”

Easynet research has shown that only one in five organisations consider their corporate network to be a key concern when moving to the Cloud. Belron® regards the network as critical to its success.

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