Easynet launches Hybrid MPLS

According to Easynet businesses are now in a stronger position than ever before to trial a low-risk approach to global expansion with a new cost-effective managed network solution from Easynet Global Services.

Hybrid MPLS provides secure access in over 200 countries to corporate Wide Area Networks (WANs) using existing 3G or Internet connectivity, with low initial cash outlay and fast deployment. The solution is ideal for businesses entering new territories where they need instant access to their corporate networks but need to prove the feasibility of the new market before they commit finances to extending their MPLS networks. It is also perfect for companies that wish to match the requirements of small or remote end user sites with the overall price point of the connectivity.

In developing Hybrid MPLS, as with all other solutions, Easynet consulted extensively with its customers at every stage. Many of its customers are keen to explore new markets and expand their businesses. They need a quick, risk-free and cost-effective way of providing staff in these often-remote geographies with to access corporate MPLS networks.

With Hybrid MPLS, traffic is secured using IPSec tunnelling which encrypts data and ensures its protection across the public Internet. It then travels back to Easynet’s global MPLS private cloud network through regional interconnect points deployed in key locations across the Globe. Deployment is fast as existing 3G or Internet connections are used, so global sites can be up and running in days rather than many months with no difference in connectivity or features to a traditional MPLS connection. For a total turn-key solution, Easynet can provide local Internet access using its own access network capabilities coupled with the extensive network of local partners across the world.

An example of a business ready to reap the benefits of Hybrid MPLS is a successful retail company with outlets across Europe and the US. Its growth strategy involves extending its business to the Middle East, but it needs to ‘test the water’ first. It plans to start with a small concession in Dubai, and needs to link this to its global WAN to provide access to centralised applications.

The company plans to spend six months monitoring the performance of this new territory, and will then make the decision to invest permanently in the region if the business case is justified, so Hybrid MPLS is ideal. The company also plans to use Hybrid MPLS in other regions as a back up to its primary connections, to increase resilience in those areas where it is implementing new MPLS networks.

Justin Fielder, Easynet’s CTO said: “As with all our managed solutions, Hybrid MPLS has been developed after spending time identifying the common business challenges that our customers face every day. Whether the customer is exploring new regions; adopting new ways of working such as cloud computing; or just looking to balance the cost of MPLS networking with the needs of the end users; our network drives forward their global businesses whilst remaining the low-risk option”.

For access solutions outside the Easynet network, Easynet is partnering with Expereo to deliver global Internet access. Expereo is an independent global provider of business grade wholesale telecommunication services giving a combined coverage of over 200 countries. Expereo has global headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and offices in Singapore, USA , U.A.E, Russia and Mexico, so they are a global organisation themselves and understand the challenges faced by international businesses.

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