eBillz Enterprise Launch Gathers Attention

Billing provider eBillz has claimed they have witnessed a surge of interest in their Enterprise Solution ahead of the official launch this November.

eBillz believe Enterprise to be the pinnacle of their exciting product portfolio and their most innovative contribution to the channel in their 18 years of operation.

The Enterprise solution is designed to maximise the potential of established telecoms resellers and IT providers, meeting the needs of capacity demands previously not catered for in the industry.

Enterprise uses its unique billing engine technology to scale up its processing power almost without limit. This boosts CDR rating resulting in speeds of up to 12 million records per hour, which eclipses the existing industry standard.

In addition, Enterprise is packed full of new features ranging from enhanced mobile billing to bureau billing, which makes white label billing simple, practical and affordable.

Arvind Meghani, MD, commented: “The feedback for Enterprise has been outstanding. Larger resellers are already considering the upgrade for the business benefits ebillz Enterprise can offer.

“We believe that with its operational improvements, it will lead to considerable time and cost savings for resellers.”

eBillz have recently spent over £400,000 on research and development to provide their current customers with such an enhanced platform and see the launch in November as a defining moment in their recent history.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine