ECSC Group take cyber security solutions to Channel

ECSC Group has introduced a Partner Programme, to allow select organisations to resell their services.

ECSC employ highly skilled cyber security analysts, supported by their own Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, to deliver effective 24/7/365 cyber security detection, alerting and incident response. By joining the programme organisations will gain access to a range of cyber security solutions and expertise that might otherwise have been out of reach.

Given the increasing frequency and severity of cyber attacks hitting the headlines, it’s perhaps unsurprising to hear that the UK cyber security market alone is estimated at over £3 billion with most organisations now considering these threats to be a boardroom issue. Whilst it’s reassuring to see this shift in prioritising cyber security strategy, the reality is for most organisations the level of expertise, experience and technologies required to manage the ever changing daily threats in-house would be impossible to attain. Access to a specialist and experienced solutions provider is therefore fast becoming a necessity.

With reports suggesting that 60% of small businesses go out of business following a cyber attack, ECSC hope that by introducing the Partner Programme, they can reach an increased number of organisations that will benefit from having access to cyber security expertise.

The new programme offers three levels of partnership opportunities, which start at a referral level and develop depending on the time and resource each partner has to commit, the various levels mean the programme is accessible to a wide range of organisations from consultancy services to specialist IT resellers.

Ian Mann, CEO of the ECSC Group plc commented: “Much thought has gone into the development of the Partner Programme, designed specifically with the partner in mind. Our aim here is to ensure the partners have all they need to understand the complexities of cyber security and also ultimately sell it to benefit their own clients. Each partner receives proven and ongoing sales training, marketing support which includes a number of dual-branded resources, access to our partner portal which will become a hub of useful hints and tips and dedicated in-house support. Although the programme is very much in its infancy we’re seeing huge demand from organisations signing up, with an impressive number of referral and direct sales coming through.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine