Egnyte Reduce BYOD Risk

Egnyte recently announced the availability of new mobile apps that enable companies to create and manage a secure perimeter stretching from users’ mobile devices to enterprise files stored behind the firewall, thus eradicating all risks associated with BYOD in the workplace. Fully integrated with Storage Connect, which was announced last month, Egnyte’s new mobile apps provide secure access from any device to any file whether they’re stored in the cloud, or locally behind a firewall – for those files “too sensitive for the cloud.”

“Access to files located in existing, on-premises storage from a mobile device has always been the last mile in reaping BYOD productivity, “ said Egnyte CEO and Founder Vineet Jain. “Our new mobile apps not only deliver that last mile of user access, but also create a secure, end-to-end perimeter where files from on-premises storage are encrypted on the mobile device and can be remotely wiped in case the device is lost or stolen.”

More than 57.1 percent of full-time employees use a personal device to access corporate data, according to Ovum Research.* At the same time, a recent IDG study** reported that 3/5 of companies believe that cloud file sharing has compromised their data security and that up to 61 percent of all files would always need to be stored locally due to low IT confidence in the security of cloud-only storage methods. This trend has led to worker productivity increases while raising security concerns for IT, which is driving organizations to adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that balances employee choice with corporate control.

Egnyte’s new mobile apps with Storage Connect integration provides employees with a secure way to access and share these files from any smartphone or tablet without data passing through the cloud, eliminating the myriad security threats associated with cloud-only file-sharing solutions. With Egnyte’s new mobile app, users can:

•Access, search, bookmark and manage all files or folders directly from any mobile device. Full integration with Storage Connect now provides easy access to files stored locally behind the firewall. Any file creation, edits and permission changes are automatically synced online.

•Download and view any Office document, Google Docs, PDF and images. Downloaded documents can be stored locally for offline access, printing, projecting and editing with editor apps such as Quickoffice.

•Easily share files with team members, partners and clients using web links or shared folders. Password protection and folder permissions ensure all files and collaboration are kept secure.

The Egnyte Device Control Suite also provides several management features that allow employees to use their mobile devices at work while enabling IT to maintain control over corporate data. Features include:

•Local File Encryption on Smartphones and Tablets: By limiting access to only authorized users using the Egnyte application, data is prevented from being accessed directly from the mobile file system.

•Remote Wipe: The central device control panel can initiate and verify the remote wipe of all Egnyte file contents from any device if a device is lost or stolen.

•Certificate-Based Trusted Device: Only phones and tablets with a valid security certificate are allowed to access the company’s file sharing service, preventing access from unauthorized devices.

•Two-Step Login Verification: A second factor for login, in addition to username/password verification, is enforced. The second factor can be sent as a phone call, passcode text message or push notification to a smartphone. This two-step login can be enforced whether the user is logging in from a smartphone or tablet.

•Permission Controls: Users are authenticated by their login information when signing into their Egnyte domain, ensuring the right users have access to the right files.

•A Central Device Control Panel: An integrated view of all end user devices connected to a company’s account enable administrators to view information about the user, device, last access, etc. and take corrective actions if the device is compromised. Users can also view their own devices.

Egnyte for iPhone and Egnyte Enterprise for iPad are available now for free download in the App Store. Egnyte Enterprise for Android is available now for free download on Google Play. Egnyte for Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle are also available.

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