Eliminating expensive roaming fees for UK business travelers

UK Telecommunications Company SBA Systems have developed a unique service tailored for business travelers that offers convenient, seamless data connectivity across 127 destinations worldwide, without the risk of running up extortionate charges. Unsuspecting individuals traveling the world have come home to what the media has called ‘Bill Shocks’ where mobile bills have run into thousands of pounds. With the increase in use of smartphones, mobile internet and social networking, the demand for mobile data has never been higher and is only set to increase. Every company has different requirements when it comes to business travel, however one constant requirement is clear: internet connectivity. Unfortunately, accessing the internet would appear to be a luxury when abroad, due to sky-high roaming prices and a lack of ubiquitous Wi-Fi.

SBA Systems reconciles these limitations with a unique data SIM, offering business travelers long awaited flexible data rates around the world. This new SIM, when used with a wireless mobile dongle or MiFi device, enables connectivity for laptops, smartphones and other devices which require internet connectivity. This product is being made available exclusively to the UK reseller channel, allowing resellers to take part in the £30 billion data roaming industry. UK resellers have been sorely lacking a product which satisfies data roaming needs, having to contend with clients returning from abroad to bill-shocks or struggling to use internet abroad. With SBA Systems’ global data offering, resellers will be able to simultaneously build client relationships, while also generating new and recurring monthly revenues. With global mobile data traffic expected to increase by a factor of 26 by 2015, internet is primed to remain a hot commodity. With more and more business services being offered in the cloud, there has never been a stronger argument for offering data roaming solutions to businesses.

1. Seamless: One SIM that works all over the world, with cheaper rates in Europe
2. Savings: The most competitive global rates in the market, with up to 50% savings versus network operators
3. No commitment: Pure pay-as-you-use, no fixed costs, no long terms contracts
4. Flexibility: Choose to either pay-per-MB or buy data bundles valid 30 days from activation
5. Total control: Online SIM management portal to activate and change plans, monitor data usage, set caps and see accumulated charges
6. Reliability: Connects to up to 5 networks in each country to ensure continuous coverage

More and more companies are sending employees abroad expecting no interruptions to their work; this means teleconferencing, file-sharing, emails and using remote desktops. Consequently, SBA Systems has designed plans for any type of device or connectivity need.

At the same time, businesses will appreciate that they are only paying for what they need. A fixed monthly fee would not be a fair pricing model for something as variable as business travel – for this reason, there are no obligatory fees outside of data consumption. All charges are transparent and straightforward – accessible via the business’ personal SIM management portal online. John Horsman, Sales Director of SBA Systems says, “It’s never been clearer how important data connectivity is for day-to-day business. And yet it’s still far too difficult to find reliable and affordable connectivity when going abroad – we are now looking forward to changing that.”

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