Elite Limited Announce a new Partner Portal

Elite has to today announced the launch of their new Partner control panel which has been designed to hand over more control to its partners. The Channel focused Internet Service Provider who already works with more than 150 partners, has also committed to continuous development of its partner portal by employing a team of Developers who are responsible for feature improvements, back-end system amendments and changes based solely on Partner feedback and requests.

David Simmons, Group CEO says: “Given the seismic shift in the way that partners would like to communicate with their preferred ISP’s, we found the need to develop the existing portal to make it quicker to navigate and offer comprehensive diagnostics, combined with full end-to-end Ethernet and Broadband ordering, we really are letting our partners take control of the service that they provide their customers”.

The new Elite portal has a powerful end-to-end diagnostic engine, which one of its features tells partners where in the network a fault lies, allowing them to be fully self-sufficient when working with their customer’s faults. It will also allow for Ethernet monitoring and usage graphing from within which gives customers the ability to see traffic flows, bandwidth usage, line utilisation and whether it’s connected or down. Furthermore, the portal will inform of mass outages on an exchange basis, so partners are always able to see where the fault is and why it occurred as soon as their customer raises an issue.

In addition to this, Elite have enabled full end-to-end Ethernet, Broadband and WLR ordering, which is predicted to reduce the time it takes to get orders committed and install dates provided by up to 50%. This will allow partners to give their customers a smoother order process which will increase customer satisfaction.

Matthew Rogers, Head of Marketing & BD says: “By giving our Partners open and honest communication with the Development team, we are increasing their self-sufficiency so they can now become the ISP and support their customers instantly. Combine this with the free white label broadband service we offer to all partners, we are enabling them to provide real value to their end-users. In addition, any portal feature requests that out partners submit as personally triaged, responded to and potentially added to the ongoing roadmap.”

In addition to the new portal, Elite have also developed their API alongside which allows its Wholesalers and Partners to pull all features into their own systems. The API is a series of JSON endpoints which are implemented and updated when improvements are made. Customers are now able to bring diagnostics tools to their systems and end-to-end order Ethernet, Broadband and WLR services.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine