Email Clogging up Corporate Networks

The volume of email attachments sent by office workers is placing unnecessary strain on corporate networks, according to new research commissioned by Interoute. The survey revealed that nearly half (45 per cent) of office workers send between five and 10 email attachments each day, whilst another 31 per cent send between 10 and 20 on a daily basis.

Interoute commissioned the research to support the launch of Interoute Express, its new free service that allows users to send large files without the hassle of creating clogged inboxes for email recipients. The solution operates on any PC and works by sending and storing files via Interoute’s online distribution platform; the files can then be downloaded when the recipient chooses.

Matthew Finnie, Interoute CTO, said: “Whether its PowerPoint presentations, jpegs, spreadsheets or other large files, individuals are sending increasingly large amounts of content across corporate networks. This can result in people being unable to send emails because their inbox is full, and can slow the network down. But with Interoute Express, those working in all types of industries from finance to media can send large files with piece of mind that the recipient will receive it, without any inbox hassle.”

Dods, a leading political information, public affairs and policy communication specialist to both UK Government and the EU, is already using Interoute Express to ease the strain email attachments puts on its network. Ken Thompson, Sales & Business Analyst at Dods said: “I am hugely impressed with Interoute Express. We send an incredibly high volume of large files over email, and our staff have already noticed less ‘your mailbox is full’ messages! It is intuitive, easy to use and secure, and has already made a real impact on the way we work.”

Interoute Express sends content via a link within an email, bypassing the standard email bounce-backs generated from large email attachments. This not only ensures that the recipient receives the file, but prevents both inboxes and outboxes becoming clogged. Interoute Express files are delivered through Interoute’s next generation network, relieving the strain on an organisation’s email server.

An advanced version, Interoute Express Media Manager, is also available to IT Directors who want company-wide control of their file delivery. Companies can benefit from unlimited file storage, complete transparency of company usage and can also use the service to generate access reports. Interoute is also launching a lite version of Interoute Express, which users can download and use for free to get an idea of how the advanced version works.

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