Embedded content becomes driver for phone purchases

Embedded content is now one of the key factors in determining which new mobile handset consumers choose, according to the results of a poll published today by GetJar, an independent app store.

In its survey, 69% of respondents indicated that the content provided with a new phone is now more important to their purchase decision than price, design or even touch screen capability.

The poll, conducted across the 130 countries in the GetJar network, asked respondents to rank a list of ten phone features by order of importance including brand, screen size, resolution, user experience, phone software, phone memory, quality of camera, price, touch screen, music player, embedded content and overall design, look and feel. They were also asked to grade each of those features individually on a five level scale of importance.

When ranking the most important features their new phone must have, brand remains the number one factor for consumers with nearly a third of respondents (28%) placing that at the top of their list of criteria, ahead of user experience (17%). The content that comes with the handset was third with 12% of respondents worldwide saying it is ‘extremely important’ to their choice of new handset ahead of phone memory (8%), price (5%) and design (7%).

Ilja Laurs, founder and CEO of GetJar Networks, stated: “While the phone’s user interface and brand prove to be dominant factors for deciding which handset consumers choose, the big change in consumer preference we see within this survey is the importance they are placing on content. With nearly five years experience distributing mobile applications to consumers around the world, GetJar brings quality content directly to consumers in the easiest and quickest way possible. GetJar generates over 22 million downloads per month, so we know how important content is to consumers, and these poll results indicate that they also want top quality content in place when choosing a new mobile phone.”

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