Emerson Launches a New Approach to Data Centre Energy Optimisation

Emerson Network Power has introduced Energy Logic, a step-by-step roadmap that provides Data Centre and IT Managers, Energy Managers, CIOs and Facility Managers with a prioritised approach to reducing energy consumption in IT environments.

Based on accurate research and modelling, Energy Logic helps IT and facility managers make reasonable and effective decisions about optimising energy use and minimising critical resource constraints – power, cooling and space – without compromising the availability or flexibility of IT systems.

Emerson Energy Logic centres on the so-called “cascade effect”, by which each Watt saved at the processor level can save an average of 2.84 Watts in energy consumption, due to the interaction between use and the power supply circuit.

As a result, the vendors says Energy Logic enables savings to be quantified and provides an estimated time of return on investment for each recommended action within the roadmap.

Following the Energy Logic sequence can potentially save more than 50 percent of a data centre’s load. For example, in an Emerson Network Power-modelled scenario of a 5,000-square-foot data centre, applying the recommended strategies produced a savings of 585 kW from the data centre’s initial 1,127 kW load. It also freed up two-thirds of the space, one-third of UPS capacity and 40 percent of cooling capacity, enabling easy expansion of computing capacity in the same data centre.

“Our customers are telling us that efficiency is a top priority, yet at the same time, a difficult concept to measure. However, as we have no reference metrics, we can only talk about energy saving. With Emerson Energy Logic we want to support IT and data centre managers in the creation of a sustainable roadmap to achieve real and tangible energy savings,” said Stefano Mozzato, Marketing Manager EMEA Liebert Business – Emerson Network Power.

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