Emerson Look to Power up Convergence Applications

Emerson Network Power says their Liebert GXT2 range of on-line Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the protection solution for converged data networks and IP telephone systems.

The company believes the technological advances that enable voice messages to be sent over the Internet have been significantly extended by the development of VoIP services that interface with the PSTN. Flexibility and cost advantages make VoIP an attractive option and businesses installations are increasingly popular. However, an IP telephone network will depend on mains power, unlike the traditional telephone system that it replaces, so that protecting the power supply to give the high degree of availability that will be required of the IP telephone system will be of paramount importance.

For many years, UPS has been available to businesses to provide protection for workstations and data networks against utility power surges or failure. If a business already has its data networks protected by UPS, it would seem logical to merge the IP system with the existing network. However, the high availability requirements of the IP system will involve a review of the existing power protection infrastructure. It may be that the UPS is only required to enable an orderly shutdown in the event of a power fluctuation outside a set range or complete power failure, in which case the IP system would be shut down if such a power anomaly took place.

Even if the existing network is mission-critical, with a UPS designed to provide alternative power for a longer period in the event of a severe power disturbance, the back-up time may be insufficient for the continuity needs of the IP system.

To overcome this problem, Emerson Network Power has developed the Liebert GXT2 range of true on-line UPS for mission critical applications, such as converged data and IP systems, which offers up to 6000VA of backup in tower or in a 2U rack mount form. Because of its on-line technology, the GXT2 isolates the equipment it is protecting from power problems, constantly conditioning and regenerating the input power. A wide input voltage window allows UPS support to be provided without calling on the battery, extending system availability. An extended runtime battery option will keep the converged networks live in the event of a long-term total power failure.

A windows software programme allows the user to custom configure the UPS performance to meet individual needs. With serial, USB and network ports, the GXT2 solution also offer a wide range of communication options, to provide the monitoring and control capabilities required for network systems.

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