Emerson Network Power Bolsters Hybrid Energy Portfolio

Emerson Network Power enhanced its industry-leading line of hybrid energy solutions for telecom networks with the introduction of the NetSure 701H series of hybrid systems for indoor and outdoor hybrid energy applications. The NetSure 701H series extends Emerson Network Power’s established capabilities in the area of hybrid energy for telecom access sites up to 21kW by incorporating an integrated design that manages multiple energy sources, reduces operational costs by more than 50 percent, and requires less than two hours for installation. It addresses specific ongoing challenges in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, South America and other growing regions where grid power infrastructure may be limited or unreliable.

For telecom operators and tower companies, fuel, generator and maintenance costs are major operational expenses for access sites—especially remote sites—and hybrid energy solutions are an increasingly necessary option to minimise costs and remain competitive in many parts of the world. In addition, space often is at a premium, and reducing the power solution footprint helps ensure the access site has space for future growth. The NetSure 701H series reduces the footprint required on-site to less than 1.5 square meters.

“The NetSure 701H series of hybrid systems minimises costs—by using significantly less fuel and requiring fewer maintenance visits—while improving network reliability for our customers,” said Wake Norris, director of product management – solutions for Emerson Network Power’s Energy Systems business. “Emerson Network Power was the first infrastructure provider to address the need for dramatic operational savings through hybrid energy solutions and the NetSure 701H series of hybrid systems further extends our best-in-class performance while reducing the site footprint and enabling active site management to ensure long-term system health and efficiency.”

Hybrid solutions strategically blend power from generators, batteries, solar, grid/mains and other sources to achieve the lowest possible energy cost. Emerson Network Power’s hybrid solutions, including the NetSure 701H series, also enable and provide active site management to ensure proper battery health, optimal generator maintenance, real-time fuel information, and other operational benefits.

Emerson Network Power’s portfolio of smart hybrid solutions includes NetSure 701 DC power systems, high-efficiency eSure rectifiers, solar converters, battery backup solutions and NetXtend enclosures. Additionally, Emerson Network Power’s smart hybrid portfolio, includes the EnergyMaster ENEC monitoring system, advanced controllers for NetSure™ DC power systems, and NetPerform services, delivering unmatched visibility and control of the hybrid infrastructure to increase reliability and decrease operational costs.

“Every potential hybrid site is different, with unique and often unpredictable environmental and regulatory considerations,” Norris said. “At Emerson Network Power, we have the technologies, experience and expertise needed to engineer hybrid site solutions to help providers achieve the desired balance between capital and operational cost to achieve maximum ROI, even as operating conditions change.”

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