Emerson Network Power meets EU Code of Conduct

Emerson Network Power has met the Code of Conduct issued by the European Commission for the production of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

The purpose of the Code, which is part of an ambitious project to cut total energy consumption in Europe over the next decade, is to obtain the commitment of UPS manufacturers to adopt suitable measures and procedures to develop production methods that maximize the energy efficiency of UPS.

The Code is driven by the need to limit additional UPS-related energy consumption, taking into account the increasing use of these devices, which play a vital role in guaranteeing the business continuity of organizations that increasingly support their operations with IT systems.
The Code of Conduct refers to UPS equipment above 10kVA in different configurations and operating conditions and for any topology including Online Double Conversion, Line Interactive or standby.

“Meeting the Code affirms the many years of commitment by Emerson Network Power to the issue of energy savings. Our R&D activities allows us to develop the best power, cooling and monitoring technologies to combine performances and energy efficiency. Moreover, our Energy Logic approach helps companies achieve energy efficiency without compromising reliability and availability, but with a sense of responsibility”, said Riccardo Rutili, general manager of Emerson Network Power in Italy and president of CEMEP(European sector committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics) – UPS.

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