Emizon IP Takes the POTS Out of Alarms

Emizon IP say their alarm signalling service designed for broadband/IP networks means that upgrading legacy burglar alarm systems to Emizon IP removes a common block experienced by many companies wanting to migrate to Next Generation Networks.

Managing Director Bob Tuck says, “Because Emizon works with broadband and Corporate IP networks, your customers can migrate ALL their communications to IP and take advantage of Emizon’s added functionality, enhanced security and cost effectiveness. A real win-win; by incorporating the burglar alarm you increase the overall value of the project and the customer saves money by getting rid of their BT POTS alarm lines.”

Emizon says alarm signalling is not a black art but interpreting the standards and understanding how to comply with them is. “What you need to know is that Emizon IP has been independently tested and passed to comply with to the same high industry standards as Redcare, yet is cheaper and being IP based offers more functionality. Armed with this information you can talk to the customer’s alarm installation company to ensure that they upgrade your customer to Emizon. If they can’t or won’t, come to Emizon, and we will put you in touch with an installer that can.”

This is exactly what Market Harborough based IP Networking specialist Lily Systems did for a major international clothes retailer. James Bowes the MD relays the story: “Our customer had accepted our network upgrade plan and the work started. Well into the implementation we discovered BT POTS lines in each store dedicated to the Redcare alarm. The incumbent installer told us there was no alternative, but luckily we did not let it rest there. After some internet searching, we contacted Emizon direct. They clarified the service offer and put us in touch with a more enlightened installer that using Emizon IP not only provided the same level of security for less, but were also able to offer remote servicing. We improved our margin and the customer saved money and got a better service. We are all delighted.”

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