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Silent Circle announces the opening of its UK head office. “Our London office is a key gateway location for the global community, which will enable us to better serve the private and secure communications needs of both individuals and corporations,” said CEO and co-founder of Silent Circle, Mike Janke.

The “Silent Suite” product offering enables private and secure voice, video, text, and email communications through the Silent Circle Network, which is optimised for today’s popular mobile devices. Silent Circle’s user-friendly app is now available for download in App stores and requires a subscription service at £13 / $20 per month*. Silent Circle offers global encrypted communications service – an affordable and user-friendly solution for individuals and corporations who expect privacy and want to mitigate common security risks associated with growing online and mobile platform security breaches, intellectual property and identity theft, as well as increased surveillance.

Silent Circle’s global encrypted communication service is lead by Co-founders Mike Janke, CEO, former Navy SEAL operator and Phil Zimmermann, President, creator of the world’s most widely used email encryption software, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Rounding out the Silent Circle executive team are CTO Jon Callas, inventor of PGP Universal, former CTO of PGP, and a creator of Apple’s Whole Disk encryption, and COO Commander Vic Hyder, U.S. Navy (retired), a combat decorated Navy SEAL, and security expert.

Created by some of the most credible people in the encryption and security community, Silent Circle operates over a custom-built secure and private network insuring there are no back doors. It is designed for anyone to use – from privacy-conscious individuals, large and small businesses and corporations to celebrities, government workers, military families, human rights groups and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisation). Silent Circle also helps to solve today’s organisational BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) security issues so that people can now communicate on their preferred devices via the Silent Circle service in a private and secure manner.

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