End of the dongle, says Gamma

Gamma Telecom has dumped both the dongle and contracts from its mobile broadband offering to business users.

As sales of mobile broadband via dongle access continue to rise, Gamma has rejected the industry standard solution. Rob Davis, senior product manager for mobile at Gamma Telecom, stated that the dongle may not be the best value for money solution for businesses.
Davis explained: “The fact is that you don’t need a dongle to act as an interface between your laptop or PC and the internet. On 3G networks, you can use your phone to act as a dongle with a SIM that does both voice and data. You can still take and make calls whilst logging on, and you only need one contract to cover the combined service. At the same time the common three gigabit business package is a false economy. Average business usage is around 170 megabits per month, so most people are paying for capacity they are simply not using.”
Gamma Telecom has launched a mobile broadband package based on a pay as you go tariff and a voice and data SIM, to allow channel partners to build their own bundles suitable to customer usage patterns. End users can use their phones as a single device with one contract, while benefiting from less complexity in both hardware and costs.
Richard Bligh, marketing director at Gamma said: “As a new player in this space, we offer channel partners a differentiated service from the big networks. We’re happy to focus on solutions if they deliver real benefits to both channel partner and business user alike.”

Bligh added that Gamma Telecom is actively recruiting mobile dealers. Bligh commented: “We want to get more into the mobile dealer market. We’ve started, but there’s a long way to go.”

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