End users number one concern is data security in the Cloud

The latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has again highlighted end user concerns over migrating to a Cloud service model. The research conducted in December 2011 highlighted that widely held view that many organisations cite their number one concern, namely the mitigation of risk, when committing data to the Cloud.

According to Simplexo, a member of CIF and UK search specialist, it’s time to focus the issue of security, if the Cloud is factually going to be something meaningful in everyday computing life, and stop focusing on the fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Simon Bain, CTO, at Simplexo, states: “CIF conducted a highly detailed survey into user adoption levels and trends. When asked to name the most significant concerns about Cloud adoption, users were clear that data security and privacy stood out above all others at 62 per cent and 55 per cent respectively.”

“I am obviously a believer in using the ‘Cloud’ as a way forward for both personal and corporate life. However, there are certain guidelines that I think need to be adhered to before we all start throwing our hard disks away and placing everything in to the hands of others.”

“Let’s be clear – Clouds are fluffy, contain water vapour and sometimes they are not around. That would certainly be no good if we all had our life in one! But seriously the Cloud is today’s marketing word, if this were to change tomorrow to a new buzzword with the same meaning; we would all once again be confused. So my first request is STOP.”

“What we need to do is drill down and focus on what the Cloud is in its simplest form. It is a mechanism to store your files, images, music, movies etc, on-line on somebody else’s hard disks. It’s also a way to run applications without having them installed. It is where most of us store and view our emails and have done for many decades, it is where we place our videos and images on Youtube, Facebook and flikr,” he added.

“But it is security we should be focusing on – this is the first and last thing that we and the providers should think about.”

Bain concluded: “Pretty basic stuff you would think but you will be surprised how many of the above are ignored. Security in all aspects of your on-line life is important, and the Cloud is no different. Just because you may not be logging in to your bank, does not mean that the security should be any weaker. Remember you may have placed your bank statements in the Cloud!”

With the growing rise in Cloud Computing for both individuals and corporates, security is now becoming a paramount concern. In response Simplexo launched ‘SearchYourCloud’ an ultra-secure service that enables users to search information stored in the Cloud, all with one click. By supplementing traditional security such as firewalls and data-encryption, Simplexo’s technology enables concurrent access to structured and unstructured information in an ultra-secure manner, regardless of form factor or platform.

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