Enghouse Release Outbound Dialling Tool

Enghouse Interactive has announced the release of Outbound Communicator, an innovative new tool for outbound dialling and campaign management. The launch follows the recent acquisition of Germany-based contact centre software provider, IT Sonix, by Enghouse Interactive.

Built on the latest advanced German engineering, Outbound Communicator helps businesses to achieve centralised management of their outbound communications channels, enabling them to streamline and drive efficiencies in their outbound communication with end customers.

According to Alex Black, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Enghouse Interactive: “Waiting for your customers to contact you and only servicing them when they do is unproductive, unpredictable and creates issues with managing resources through peaks and troughs of traffic. Instead, proactive outbound communications offers you the opportunity to keep customers productively informed.

“Unfortunately, the vast majority of outbound calls typically fail to connect to the right party, resulting in a significant amount of wasted time and effort in the outbound communications process.

“So, if businesses can use technology to get their outbound strategy right, there are huge potential benefits to be had in terms of time and cost savings and enhanced operational efficiencies,” adds Black. “That’s exactly what Outbound Communicator can deliver; enhancing agent productivity, delivering lower costs by streamlining campaign management and providing full compliance and enhanced levels of security.”

“We are targeting Outbound Communicator at any organisation that has a large number of customers and needs to keep them regularly informed – about changes to a specific service or upgrades to a software solution, for example,” adds Black. “This is likely to encompass every organisation, from outsourcers to financial services businesses, insurance companies to utilities, where there is a need to reach out to customers and continuously engage with them. It is all about having the flexibility to deliver the optimum customer experience.”

Customers already actively using the solution include Carphone Warehouse, trading as Phone House in Germany. According to Eckart Diepenhorst, Sales Director of Shops at Phone House, “The solution is helping us to make the most of the working time in the shops. We can provide our customers with additional services, increase the efficiency of our customer communications, and consequently customer satisfaction.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine