Enghouse Releases Latest Version of Cloud Contact Centre Platform

Enghouse Interactivehas released version 6.1.1 of its Contact Centre: Service Provider solution (formerly CosmoCall Universe). Major service providers use CC:SP to build their cloud contact centre offering. The new version builds quickly on the success of version 6.1 which was released at the end of 2012.

“The latest updates position the solution even more strongly in the rapidly growing Contact Centre on-Demand market,” says Jurgen Hekkink, product manager, Enghouse Interactive. “The updates enable our service provider partners to sharpen their competitive edge by offering the capability to run multiple customer interactions simultaneously while delivering significant productivity and efficiency benefits to contact centre customers.

Ryan Danforth, senior product manager at broadband service provider and Enghouse Interactive partner, SDN Communications, said: “We are excited about our partnership with Enghouse Interactive for its cloud contact centre offering. With SDN’s extensive fibre network and connectivity to similar networks, the solution is scalable and protected within SDN’s secure environment.

“The new features and benefits that the latest version of Contact Centre: Service Provider brings will enable us to meet the demands of this fast growing sector, while ensuring that our customers continue to experience the capabilities and flexibility they need.”

Compatible with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, version 6.1.1 incorporates a new feature pack which delivers four key enhancements.

First, reflecting market development and customer demand, the new release greatly enhances agents’ capability to manage multiple chat and instant messaging sessions simultaneously, creating significant productivity gains.

Second, the feature pack incorporates a ‘Keep Connection Open’ capability, enabling the platform to be used as an overlay to existing telephony infrastructure by keeping a line open to any voice device while an agent is logged in. This gives service providers enhanced flexibility in rolling out the platform to customers, makes it easier for agents to handle calls and potentially reduces total cost of ownership.
Third, the release features a new open interface which customers will leverage to integrate applications with administration and management operations. This allows customers to build their own portal tools and integrate into existing systems that provide information about agents, helping to further drive operational efficiency and reduce administration and learning time for users.

Fourth, version 6.1.1 incorporates a new ‘desk update’ capability which enhances operational control of the platform by automating software updates to features and functionality, making the process of incorporating software updates faster and more efficient – an important consideration for service providers and end customers alike.

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