Entanet Publish Reseller ebook

Entanet has published a new eBook that explains how resellers can effectively approach the whole business of offering and delivering Ethernet services to customers – from start to finish.

The eBook explains – in simple language and without getting bogged-down in technicalities – what drives an Ethernet sale, how it’s provisioned, what takes place during installation and how Entanet provides ongoing technical assistance and customer support to its partners and their end-user customers. It also includes an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section that answers any queries that might still remain unanswered by the main eBook content.

Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing at Entanet, says the eBook is a response to the very large number of questions that the company’s staff get asked about Ethernet services. “The level of interest in our leased line, GEA and EFM services has sky-rocketed over the past 18 months and with that we’ve found ourselves frequently answering the same questions.

“While Ethernet isn’t new, there are many different options available now and resellers need to be able to explain those differences and interpret what they mean for customers in business terms. They also need to know exactly how services are provisioned, installed and supported – and how we will support them through that process. We think it’s important in setting customers’ expectations. The new eBook provides the answers to all these questions and a lot more besides.

“Once they’ve absorbed its contents, resellers should feel pretty confident talking to customers about the options and, if they want to, they can also give it to their customers and use it as an effective sales tool. But if they still have questions, we’re always here and ready to support them.”

The opportunities with Ethernet continue to expand, Farnden points out. “More businesses are starting to understand the benefits of Ethernet connectivity as a way of boosting performance, productivity and efficiency and assuring service levels. That’s creating a healthy and ready-made market. From a reseller perspective, Ethernet sales can be very profitable and with contracts typically lasting three years or more, they make customers ‘stickier’ for resellers, and that’s extremely important in such a competitive market.”

To download the ebook please follow this link

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine