Entanet Announces Huge Promotion for Partners

Entanet has unleashed its biggest ever promotional campaign in a bid to drive increased sales of new fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) connections and customer migrations for both its reseller and its wholesale partners.

Following the success of its earlier zero-cost activation promotion on FTTC, which ran for a defined period, the company is now re-introducing the offer to resellers and raising the bar competitively by setting no time limit on the offer. Significantly, Entanet has also announced a special promotion for service-provider partners that take its EWCS (Entanet Wholesale Carrier Services), offering reduced costs for new connections and migrations to FTTC to help wholesale customers expand their business.

The free connection and migration promotion for resellers applies to all Entanet’s mainstream FTTC broadband packages for businesses and home users and to both 12 and 24 month contracts. Partners can take advantage of the offer for customers either activating an FTTC service for the first time or migrating to it from any other provider’s conventional copper-based broadband services. It can also be applied to migrations from another provider’s fibre broadband and to migrations from LLU to Entanet’s FTTC connections.

The separate wholesale promotion runs until 30th September 2014 and aims to help partners buying ‘tails’ and aggregated bandwidth (as opposed to predefined allowance packages) to increase their sales of FTTC connections, both to new and existing customers. Prices for EWCS connections and migrations have been simplified, with a single one-off price of £40 being introduced for all options. The connection charge for FTTC (all speed variants) has been reduced from £80 to £40, FTTC fibre to fibre migration between communication providers from £53 to £40 and migration from IPstream or WBC to FTTC (all copper to fibre, including CP to CP and LLU migrations) has also been reduced from £80 to £40.

Paul Heritage-Redpath, Product Manager at Entanet, says: “FTTx already represents 20 percent of broadband subscribers globally1 and we see this as a growth market for UK resellers. Our previous reseller promotion for packaged broadband products, which we ran until the end of January this year, was wildly successful. We have now evaluated the feedback and decided to extend the offer scope – and to also provide additional incentives for our wholesale customers to drive FTTC sales. Combined with our competitive, unlimited fibre products, we think these offers give all our partners a great opportunity to increase their fibre broadband sales.”

Entanet is making information available to partners on which of their existing customer lines can be upgraded with no migration fee available within its online synergi portal. Partners can view this information by using the Upgradeable Accounts tool within the synergi system and choosing the relevant Reporting option.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine