Entanet Announces New Connectivity Promotion

Entanet is giving its reseller partners an even greater opportunity to exploit the growing popularity of Ethernet circuits by offering them 100Mbps on 1Gbps Virgin on-net bearers for the same price as a 100Mbps on 100Mbps connections.

The offer, which runs until mid-November, sees Entanet getting behind on-net circuits provided by Virgin Media Business, where demand has been greatest. It enables Entanet partners to offer customers much greater flexibility to extend bandwidth without paying the higher premium normally charged for a 1Gbps bearer. During the offer period, partners will be able to save around £1500 over the contract term on orders for the higher capacity on-net bearers.

Stephen Barclay, Sales Director at Entanet, said that the promotion is a further encouragement to the channel, and a response to the high levels of demand for Ethernet circuits. “It means resellers can offer even better value to their customers and ensure that they keep coming back as their bandwidth needs increase. Demand for Ethernet services is rising all the time due to the increased use of hosted and cloud-based services and we’ve seen an increasing number of requests from customers to go beyond 100Mbps. Many businesses had underestimated how much additional bandwidth they’d need in the future and are getting close to using the full bandwidth capacity on their 100Mbps bearers. Our promotion means resellers can offer them plenty of room to accommodate their expanding bandwidth requirements.”

As and when customers reach their bandwidth Committed Data Rate (CDR), Entanet reseller partners can easily make changes through a simple remote CDR upgrade. The promotion applies to new orders only and customers will need to be on-net to the Virgin Media Business network. Terms and conditions apply.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine