Entanet Bucks FTTC Inertia Trend

Entanet is reporting that higher-than-expected demand for its FTTC services from businesses is driving strong new sales growth for its partners, despite Ofcom suggesting that uptake generally is poor. While the company has been encouraging resellers to drive upgrades, more than half (53 percent) of contracts for the new fibre-based options are being taken up by new customers.

Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales at Entanet, said: “While we strongly advise partners to check connections that are eligible for a re-grade as their first line of potential for FTTC sales, the percentage of new customers taking the services has surprised us. That’s great news as it shows just how attractive our portfolio is to business customers and it’s helping our channel partners to grow their customer bases.”

Entanet launched a range of FTTC services aimed at business and consumers in September. To date, three out of four orders have been for the options aimed at commercial firms. Barclay puts this down to business customers being quick to recognise the added speed, convenience and return-on-investment that fibre connections give them.

“We expected higher take-up from business but the gap is bigger than we imagined it would be. That’s a reflection of the value and flexibility that our Business packages offer and also shows that business customers are very switched onto and aware of the extra potential of FTTC. Many firms are looking to make better use of remote working, hosted voice and cloud-based apps now and FTTC connections will make it much simpler for them to do that.”

Entanet predicts that its partners will benefit even more as uptake of FTTC accelerates. “We expect a lot of businesses to start looking at their options again in the New Year, so Entanet partners should start to see even more new business heading their way.”

The most popular of Entanet’s FTTC range has been the Business 45 offering, which gives customers a generous 45GB download allowance per month. This has accounted for 59 percent of all the Business packages sales. The company offers 11 different options – six Business options and five in the Family series, giving partners a comprehensive range of choices to match the needs of all customers. The Business packages come with inclusive allowance limits between the hours of 8am and 8pm, with usage outside of these periods uncharged. All packages also offer a choice of over-use payment options, so customers and pre-pay for top-ups or pay later on a per-1GB basis.

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