Entanet Drives Channel Relationships Forward at Partner Event

Voice and data communications provider Entanet treated 20 of its channel partners to an action-packed day of driving activities as a reward for their enthusiastic promotion and adoption of its ADSL2+ and other services.

In July 2008, Entanet became the first provider to launch 21CN based ADSL2+ services, providing end user customers with potentially faster speeds and greater stability. At the same time it launched a channel incentive that rewarded partners for every ADSL2+ connection ordered and gave them a chance to win a place at the driving event, which was held on 17th and 18th September in Staffordshire. The incentive proved a great success, concluding in July 2009 with over 125 partners qualifying for the draw.

The 20 winning channel partners experienced an overnight stay in a luxurious 14th century manor hotel after a sumptuous meal and casino entertainment. The following morning they began a full day of driving activities including quad bikes, off-road 4x4s, hovercrafts and several laps in a Lamborghini Gallardo and an Audi R8.

One of the lucky attendees Gary Hall, Managing Director of MacAce.net said: “It was a fantastic day full of new experiences. I walked away wanting to buy almost everything I got chance to drive. For us, reselling Entanet’s ADSL2+ services has been a natural progression and as they become available to more and more of our customers, I expect our order numbers to continue to increase. We continue to be impressed by Entanet’s proactive approach to investment and their commitment to innovation and I feel we’ve benefitted significantly from being amongst the first to market 21CN-based ADSL2+ services.”

Entanet’s Head of Marketing, Darren Farnden added: “Feedback from our guests confirms the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The incentive proved to be very successful for Entanet and we have seen significant levels of adoption of ADSL2+by our channel partners. As BT continues to roll out 21CN towards completion in 2012, we expect to see a continued increase in ADSL2+ orders.”

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