Entanet Invests in ContactWorld

Entanet has transformed its customer experience with ContactWorld for Service. Since deploying NewVoiceMedia’s solution, the voice and data communications provider has been able to answer 80 percent of incoming calls within just 20 seconds and is consistently meeting its partners’ expectations.

Entanet has invested heavily in developing a robust and resilient next generation MPLS network to deliver reliable, high quality voice and data connectivity services. From small beginnings providing dial-up internet access to local businesses, the company has grown consistently and organically, developing new services to meet customers’ increasing demands. However, the company’s in-house telephony system was limited in functionality, with customers often experiencing a long wait to be connected with an agent. Call recordings took three weeks to retrieve and the call plan took the same time to implement; both too slow for a dynamic, rapidly growing communications business, for which speed and flexibility was crucial to serve more and more customers.

Entanet selected NewVoiceMedia’s cloud customer contact solution ContactWorld for Service for its seamless integration with Salesforce, in order to give its team of 30 highly skilled technical advisors more control and improve the customer experience. Matt Mills, Head of IT at Entanet explains, “We opted for ContactWorld because of its ease of implementation and fantastic integration with Salesforce. We wanted all the metrics and statistics that the system offered in order to drive our business performance”.

Neil Watson, Head of Service at Entanet, adds, “As the reports are in real-time, we now know what’s happened to every single call. This means our directors can speak confidently to partners when striking new deals or continuing relationships”.

With ContactWorld, Entanet has been able to offer customers a completely unique and personalised experience. As well as immediate access to a customer’s entire history of interactions from one screen, incoming calls are intelligently routed based on Salesforce data, meaning agents can prioritise calls from key customers to improve handling time and customer satisfaction.

Neil continues, “NewVoiceMedia has helped us significantly improve the quality of our service, putting us firmly in the fast lane for our next phase of expansion. We’re now answering 80 percent of our incoming calls in 20 seconds and are meeting our partners’ expectations. Call quality is also easier to assess and there is a lot less stress for the team and customers. As the business continues to grow, we’ll be in a position to offer a consistent, high quality customer experience for resellers and end users”.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine