Entanet Opens up the Potential of VoIP For Resellers

Leading voice and data communications provider Entanet will use October’s Convergence Summit exhibition to showcase new developments in its product portfolio that enable resellers to compete effectively in the convergence market. The company will launch the latest version of its feature-rich, hosted IP telephony solution, VoIP Enrich; give live demonstrations of its new Video-over-VoIP capability; and introduce a packaged VoIP service that resellers can offer to their SoHo customers.

First launched as part of its complete IP telephony portfolio in April 2007, VoIP Enrich is a post-pay, hosted Centrex service that enables resellers to deliver business-class and feature-rich VoIP services to their business customers.

Entanet will be announcing a number of significant additions to VoIP Enrich at the Convergence Summit, including support for call recording, video calling and mobile VoIP. These key enhancements will enable resellers to meet the immediate needs of customers who must comply with the requirements set out by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for all legal and financial firms to record their calls from November 2007.

The addition of video calling and mobile VoIP, meanwhile, will enable Entanet’s partners to offer innovative and competitive converged communications solutions to their customers.

Commenting on the new enhancements, Elsa Chen, Voice Business Development Manager at Entanet states: “The latest additions to the Entanet portfolio enable resellers to attack new markets looking to address regulatory and converging communication requirements. With support for call recording, video calling and mobile VoIP, we now have a complete portfolio that opens up tremendous opportunities for our partners in convergence market.”

As VoIP Enrich is a hosted service, it removes the barriers of entry for resellers, Chen adds: “One of the many reasons why resellers choose to resell hosted IP telephony solutions is the ease of maintaining and provisioning them, unlike on-site IP PBX or traditional PBX solutions, which require technical engineering knowledge and the capability to install and maintain the service for the customer”,

The fact that the service is hosted makes the VoIP provider’s capability absolutely critical to success, she notes, not only in terms of the stability and maintenance of the platform but also in its ongoing attention to market demand. “In Entanet, our partners know that they have a consistent and reliable VoIP services supplier that will continue to develop its products and help them to meet customer needs.”

Other additions to Entanet’s VoIP Enrich product include a new audio file handling interface for recorded prompts; an improved user interface and reporting; improved global, group and individual pickup functions; and notification of voicemail via SMS.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to learn about Entanet’s wide portfolio of data connectivity products and understand how they can address the needs of SoHo, SME and corporate customers. They’ll be able to discuss partnering Entanet to provide pay-as-you-go, allowance-based and unlimited broadband at up to 8Mbps*; take L2TP (Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol) broadband services enabling them to increase bulk delivery of ADSL and SDSL without having to commit to major investment in their own network infrastructure; market dedicated leased lines at speeds of up to 10Gbps; resell colocation at its Telford and London based data centres and much more.

Entanet’s Data Business Development Manager, Carol Davies says: “It’s important for resellers to understand the data connectivity options available and learn what’s right for each customer application. This is especially true where they’re implementing VoIP solutions for their customers or simply advising on VoIP and the corresponding connectivity requirements. By talking to us they’ll understand the benefits of partnering a single provider of both voice and data services.”

It was recently announced by BT that Entanet has been selected as the only non-BT company to participate in BT’s first 21CN broadband trial, the other organisations to be involved in the trial being BT Wholesale and BT Retail. The trial will start on 1st November 2007 from one of BT’s Birmingham exchanges before expanding to ten exchanges by January 2008, after which other communications providers will be joining the trials. The announcement demonstrates Entanet’s prominence in the UK communications market and marks its commitment to 21CN.

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