Entanet Partners with Zoom to Provide VoIP Solution

Voice and data communications provider Entanet has partnered with leading hardware manufacturer Zoom Technologies to provide a complete VoIP solution to the consumer market.

Zoom’s latest device the X6v Model 5695, which integrates an ADSL 2/2+ modem, wireless router with firewall security, four-port switch, and a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone adapter will be bundled with Entanet’s VoIP Express service to provide the end user customer with a complete VoIP solution that is easy to use and easy to install.

Entanet’s VoIP Express service provides the customer with a feature rich, cost effective VoIP solution. The customer maintains complete control of their spending, only paying for calls to non-Entanet VoIP users. There is no monthly charge and calls to other users of Entanet’s VoIP services are completely free. Pre-pay calling credit is simply added to their account by the user via a secure online portal.

The VoIP Express service includes:

A UK telephone number with a choice of local area codes, free unlimited calling to other Entanet VoIP users, no monthly rental charge, easy and secure online top-up of call credit via credit or debit card, voicemail with the option of delivery to your email address and ‘send and receive’ text messaging.

Additionally the service includes call-waiting and call-divert, per second billing, no connection charge, 1p minimum charge and competitive call rates to non-Entanet VoIP users.

Commenting on the new partnership Darren Farnden, Entanet’s Head of Marketing said “Zoom’s high quality hardware and our feature rich VoIP Express service provides the market with an attractive, cost effective Internet telephone solution. We are very impressed with the high quality and level of functionality the Zoom hardware provides and are delighted to provide our VoIP service alongside it.”

The Zoom X6v has built-in Quality of Service (QoS) to assure that a high level of voice quality is maintained and it supports bi-directional bridging of calls between PSTN and VoIP services. This enables the customer to connect the device to their PSTN telephone line providing them with a backup phone service in the event of a power failure and also a reliable emergency dialling service.

“We are very pleased to be working with Entanet on this retail offer”, said Terry Manning, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Zoom Technologies. “Entanet has extensive experience in delivering VoIP services and have a very attractive offer for our customers. The combination of Entanet’s service and Zoom’s hardware makes money-saving Internet phone calling both powerful and easy to use.”

The estimated retail price of the Model 5695 X6v with Entanet’s VoIP Express service is £100 inc. VAT.

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