Entanet Plans To Accelerate Away From The Competition

Entanet, the channel-focused provider of wholesale broadband and bespoke connectivity solutions, is predicting that the continued investment and full control over its own national network will see the company move ahead and accelerate away from its rivals over the next three years as it delivers consistently high levels of service.

Having made a multi-million pound investment in its resilient nationwide network over the past four years, Entanet says it is stronger than competitors in terms of the reliability, service quality and the consistency it is able to deliver to and through its channel partners. The company provides its broadband, Ethernet, VoIP and other connectivity services through a network of wholesale and resale partners throughout the UK.

Entanet says it is the only non-BT comms provider to have fully taken BT’s Wholesale Broadband Connect (WBC) option and invested in putting its own equipment into all of the 20 key aggregation points through which 21CN services are made available across the UK and built resilient links up to 10Gbps between them. This gives Entanet nationwide coverage and a distinct advantage over its competitors because, in addition to the added flexibility WBC affords it, Entanet’s network places it physically closer to resellers’ customers. This allows resellers in turn to offer compelling Ethernet connectivity propositions to their customers.

Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing for the company said: “Entanet has invested for the future and invested wisely. We have a network in place that has the capacity, flexibility and scalability to meet the growing demands of our partners and their customers. Most importantly, we also have full control over that network so we can provide assured and consistent levels of bandwidth and performance. Unlike many ISPs who joined in the ‘land-grab’ for market share over the years, Entanet has never exaggerated or over-stated what it is capable of delivering and as time goes by, the reliability and durability of our services is proving itself. We are confident that it will see us moving ahead and accelerating away from the competition in the years to come.”

The company has seen a marked rise in companies looking to move all their connectivity services from other providers in recent months, Farnden noted. “We’ve discovered a good deal of dissatisfaction out there, with many businesses and consumers telling us that what they were sold by others isn’t necessarily what they expected. In the business market in particular we’re seeing companies that are re-evaluating their suppliers for reliable, consistent connectivity to run voice, hosted applications, disaster recovery and other services remotely or between locations. Our partners can give them the dependable service they need – and offer a service that is very cost-effective as well.”

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