Entanet Upgrades National Network to 1Gig and Re-Opens Manchester POP

Business-to-business ISP Entanet has upgraded its national network to 1Gbps, at the same time re-opening a point-of-presence in Manchester, to provide a fast resilient infrastructure capable of handling even higher levels of Internet traffic.

The upgrade means that Entanet now provides even faster connectivity across 99% of the UK from six major datacentres in London as well as Birmingham, Wolverhampton (where it has 2 POPs), Cambridge and Manchester. It already operates a heavily redundant 10 Gigabit network across the six major London data centres and 1-10Gbps connections into key London and European exchanges including LONAP, LINX, AMSIX, NL-ix, DE-CIX and SFINX. In addition it has two large data floors at its Telford headquarters ideal for disaster recovery and diversity provision.

James Blessing, Entanet’s Chief Operations Officer said: “Each of these POPs has diverse connectivity to the Internet at 1Gbps and can provide any of Entanet’s MPLS based services as well as traditional high speed leased lines. This represents excellent news for our Partners and customers who are striving to achieve faster access throughout the UK.”

The upgrade comes as Entanet re-opens its Manchester POP in response to growing demand among customers in the North West for local access to its network. Commenting on the re-opening, Blessing said: “The Manchester POP means our customers benefit from local connection rather than national connection to London at higher cost, whilst also experiencing lower latency and higher bandwidth.”

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