Entanet Welcome Decision to Grant Judicial Review Digital Economy Act

Entanet, the wholesale provider of data and voice connectivity, has welcomed the decision by the High Court to grant a judicial review of the Digital Economy Act.

The review, which was formally requested by BT and TalkTalk, comes after sustained pressure from a number of ISPs and DEA opponents (Entanet itself has given its opinion) who have campaigned for the Act to be thrown out, after it was rushed through the wash-up before the close of the last parliament.

Commenting on the decision, Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing at Entanet, said: “It’s about time these objections are taken seriously and the High Court is right to take action. The DEA was blatantly rushed through without adequate scrutiny and discussion with the Internet industry who will ultimately shoulder responsibility for this. We’ve voiced our objections to its introduction since the start of the year as it is a regressive bill that will inevitably cause more harm than good. Innocent users will continue to be wrongly accused and persistent offenders will go underground.

There will be only a minimal reduction in illegal file sharing while the real offenders persist, which won’t help the entertainment industry at all. We hope that this review will result in the current legislation being thrown out and new and more balanced and manageable proposals being put forward. Like many communications providers we’d be only too glad to contribute to that debate and would hope we’d be invited to.”

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