Entatech Unleashes New Intel Chip ‘Skylake’ on Channel

After months of anticipation, Intel’s Core i7-6700K ‘Skylake’ chip has now been unleashed upon the channel.

As the internet becomes flooded with news of the chip’s expectations, successes and worries, Entatech has been utilizing Intel’s new technology, to develop attachment opportunities for resellers, whilst also educating them as to the wide range of Skylake compatible products that will be available via the Entatech website.

It was reported in the lead-up to Skylake’s release that Intel had chosen not to stock CPU coolers with the Core i7-6400K and Core i5-6600K chipsets, stating that users from within the enthusiast market, to whom the chipsets are targeted, will use third-party cooling solutions, removing the option from the user altogether as to whether they use an Intel cooler or a competing manufacturer.

Skylake CPU’s will run at a higher wattage and will require more voltage than the Haswell chip, released in 2013, requiring a higher performance cooling solution than previous generations. With this in mind, the cooler bracket configuration is identical to the previous Haswell chip, meaning that compatible CPUs from Entatech vendors including Coolermaster and Corsair are Skylake-ready, straight out of the box.

Furthermore, Skylake also boasts a vastly improved memory controller for memory speed overclocking, and is 100% compatible with all existing quad channel DDR4 parts.

Brad Cronwell, Gaming & Peripherals Product Manager at Entatech, commented: “Here at Entatech we understand that compatibility can be a minefield and sometimes getting the correct information at the correct time can be the difference between a deal won and a deal lost. For this reason we have a dedicated account management team as well as a team of experienced product specialists on hand to provide the best possible support we can for all of our customers, no matter the size.”

In a bid to aid resellers as to the Skylake ready products within their portfolio, Entatech has invested time into product associations on its e-commerce website, Entaonline.com, to educate resellers as to the compatible cooler, motherboard and memory solutions through a Skylake Compatible icon, making all products easy to identify. There will also be a microsite dedicated to all Skylake products, giving full specifications of the 50+ products available from Entatech.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine