Enterprise Offer Flexibility that Maximises ROI and Reduces TCO

Enghouse Interactive has unveiled a number of cloud-deployment options for Contact Center: Enterprise. Offering flexible options on-premise, distributed across multiple sites or on a public cloud infrastructure, Contact Center: Enterprise empowers customers to create and implement the right cloud strategy that meets their unique business needs.

Optimising operational performance is a key element in maximising return on investment and reducing total cost of ownership for contact centre deployments. Contact Center: Enterprise leverages public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), where computing resources are highly scalable, elastic and delivered as pay-for-use services. This provides a number of IT and business benefits, which include:

Moving IT allocations (server hardware, server software) to operating expense (Opex), limiting requirements for capital budget expenses (Capex)

Scaling instantly, on demand to meet changing business needs

Enabling lines of business to drive software decisions and adoption

Shifting IT focus from general server administration and maintenance to unique, customer-specific projects that provide greater business value

Versatile cloud deployment options help provide the proper operational balance based on the distinct needs of the organisation. Contact Center: Enterprise allows users to deploy on a:

Private Cloud: an on-premise deployment with the flexibility to either centralise or distribute components across geographically distributed sites allowing IT to provide contact centre services that meet the needs of their enterprise.

Virtual Private Cloud: leverages a public cloud infrastructure as a service (i.e. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2) environment to create a reserved, isolated and private section of the cloud, replacing the need for on-premise servers and server software.

Hybrid Cloud: a blending of on-premise, Private Cloud and Public Cloud infrastructure to connect on-premise applications and/or Contact Center: Enterprise components.

“Contact Center: Enterprise’s distributed, component based architecture enables customers to deploy flexibly, taking advantage of on-premise and public cloud infrastructure,” said Christoph Mosing, president, Enghouse Interactive North America. “They can move on-premise installations into the cloud, distribute across on-premise and cloud infrastructure creating virtual contact centres, or create a cloud contact centre instance that is operated seasonally, only paying for what is needed during up time.”

With its distributed, highly scalable and resilient architecture, Contact Center: Enterprise delivers the flexibility to deploy anywhere, on-premise or in the cloud, optimising costs and meeting organisational needs. With this kind of flexibility, customers can write their own contact centre cloud roadmap, creating deployments that meet their business needs now and in the future.

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