Enterprise search goes mobile

A new way to search for data held on your company computers when you are on the road has been launched by UK specialist search company, Simplexo. The solution – Simplexo Mobile – has been developed to enable anyone working out of the office to access vital corporate documentation and databases via their mobile devices in a safe and secure way.

Searching more than one information source can be time-consuming, especially when you’re on the road. Results have to be manually collected, compared, and de-duplicated before full and accurate findings are available. Now, Simplexo Mobile does the work for you.

Simplexo Mobile – available now for the iPhone and any Windows Mobile 6 device, and on the Blackberry platform within 30 days – can simultaneously search across all enterprise environments including SharePoint, live and archived email, word processing documents, images, spreadsheets, databases, applications such as CRM and SAP, and more. It then delivers one consolidated list of de-duplicated search results securely to your mobile device.

Alistair Handyside, CEO, Simplexo, stated: “Now, even when you’re out of the office you can still search all your data. With instant access to enterprise-wide information, you can make fast decisions with confidence, and ensure impeccable service levels for your customers.”

“Furthermore, Simplexo Mobile will not compromise your corporate security policies,” he added. “This is the only mobile search application available today that does not rely on a Web interface. This is a dedicated application, which means that once the search is complete, information is scrubbed from the memory of the device so there is no chance of data theft if that device is lost or stolen.”

In common with the company’s flagship product Simplexo Enterprise, Simplexo Mobile eliminates individual searches on multiple data sources. It delivers the up-to-date information you need, on demand and in real time, without unwanted results that waste time and valuable resource when you’re on the road.

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