Envox Gateway For Cisco CallManager

UK based Envox Worldwide has launched CT Connect Gateway for Cisco CallManager to enables business applications to manage, monitor and control calls across multiple locations within mixed telephony switching environments.

The Envox CT Connect Gateway is a standards-based gateway that enables IVR, CRM, workforce management and other contact centre solutions to communicate with Cisco CallManager, the call processing component of Cisco’s IP telephony infrastructure.

CT Connect Gateway enables third-party call control of Cisco IP stations. Applications can assign these stations to monitor status and initiate third-party call control functionality including the ability to make calls, answer calls, hold, transfer and conference calls.

“The Envox CT Connect Gateway for Cisco CallManager dramatically reduced the time that was required to integrate our IVR solution with a Cisco-based contact centre,” said Peter Edel, advanced technology manager, Quentris. “By reducing the integration time this new offering from Envox Worldwide has helped us to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers in an extremely cost effective way.”

“The Envox CT Connect Gateway for Cisco CallManager brings powerful, standards-based CTI capabilities to organisations that have already adopted a Cisco-based network,” said Mark D. Flanagan, president and CEO of Envox Worldwide. “As a result of the many mergers, acquisitions and corporate consolidations affecting organisations today, mixed switching environments are more and more common. Envox CT Connect provides unparalleled connectivity enabling organisations to integrate Cisco CallManager switches with other ACDs/PBXs without engaging in a custom development effort.”

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