Epygi Provides Business Benefit from Increased PBX Capacities as Prices Fall

Berkshire based distributor Electronic Frontier says that Epygi Technologies has announced ‘another dramatic stride forward in the capacity and value of the PBX equipment it provides to businesses with the release of its version 4.0 software.”

According to the distributor, Epygi’s Quadro PBX enables smaller enterprises and public sector bodies to make their office telecom systems much more efficient and economical. They add that this upgrade will enable the Quadro IP PBX to be used in offices with up to 66 users per site while reducing the fully featured list price per extension to much less than £60.

Steve Jones, Head of VoIP at Epygi’s UK distributor EFL commented “Existing customers can simply download and install the 4.0 software to take advantage of the new capacities and will have at least the same capacity they currently have and in cases, much more”.

In announcing these changes Jeff Kirchner, CEO of Epygi Technologies said, “We strive to give our users ever increasing levels of quality and value. These latest changes are clearly part of this commitment, by once again more value for our customers in their initial Quadro investment, and even better value for customers looking to purchase a new system.”

Designed for single- and multi-site organisations, the Quadro uses IP technology to offer all the functions of traditional PBX systems plus a host of additional features normally only available to the largest corporations, while also reducing or eliminating the cost of calls.

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